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RUBICON 6 is a floor standing loudspeaker that features two 6 1/2 inch woofers, each sporting its own bass port, gold-plated bi-wiring terminals and DALI's innovative ribbon / soft dome hybrid tweeter module, which also was used in the EPICON series.

The RUBICON 6 is able to deliver more physical bass to fill a larger room, especially thanks to the woofers. The two woofers work together to move much more air, delivering more powerful bass and pumping out audio excellence that fills the room. The driver construction of the RUBICON 6 makes it even more powerful than its smaller siblings with an enhanced and controlled performance.

  • SMC Magnet System

    With a pole piece constructed entirely from SMC, surrounded by a slitted copper cap, and enclosed within a large ferrite magnet, the effect of the SMC is focused and maximised, and reduces distortion as never heard before.

  • Hybrid Tweeter Module

    The hybrid tweeter module is a DALI trademark and for the RUBICON series, it is build in Denmark. It combines the dome tweeter with the ribbon tweeter for an amazing rendering of the high frequencies.

  • Cabinet Construction

    Dividing the mid-range and basse drivers into separated chambers enables them to individually tune every driver to its specific frequency range to maximise the woofer output.

  • Wood Fibre Cones

    Using a wood fibre cone gives the in-house build woofer a light, rigid and randomly uneven membrane. Making it easy to move ensures even piston like movements and reduces the possibility of surface resonance greatly.