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Stereo Streaming Package 2 - White

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This package consists of DALI OPTICON 2, Bluesound POWERNODE 2i and QED Classic 79 Strand Speaker Cable (3m).


The OPTICON 2's 6 1/2 inch woofer and the more voluminous cabinet make this loudspeaker a true 2-way compact performer. The size of the woofer is matched with a large 28mm soft dome tweeter to bring out every detail in the audio signal.

Exactingly engineered to extract every last nuance from your music, the use of DALI's unique SMC (Soft Magnetic Compound) magnet motor system (originally developed for the EPICON range) means audio that comes almost completely free from distortion thanks to the SMC's low-level electrical conductivity. Expect nothing but a dynamic, well-defined and powerful audio reproduction from this loudspeaker.


Wireless Multi-Room Music Streaming Amplifier

The amp reinvented. The POWERNODE 2i is the streaming amplifier that merges several traditional components into one and unlocks a world of high-fidelity streaming.

QED Classic 79 Strand Speaker Cable

QED Classic 79 strand is an entry level speaker cable that combines convenience and performance. The QED 79 Strand speaker cable's figure '8' construction allows 79 strand to be used in the most demanding placement situations.

The only cable ever to win the prestigious Federation of British Audio "Test of Time" award.