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(Pre-Order) A-S3200 Integrated Stereo Amplifier

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The A-S3200 pays homage to Yamaha’s unparalleled musical history while embodying the latest in hi-fi innovation. An expressive, dynamic, instrument that effortlessly delivers music with all its emotion.

In the unyielding pursuit of innovation and musicality, Yamaha is proud to present its flagship integrated amplifier – the A-S3200. Meticulously designed from the ground up, the A-S3200 realizes the ambitions of the artist and establishes a new benchmark in high-fidelity audio.


  • Fully balanced circuitry to deliver impressively high signal-to-noise ratio and improved channel separation
  • Large toroidal transformer in the pursuit of pure musicality
  • Mechanical Ground Concept maximizes rigidity and reduces unwanted vibration
  • High-quality PPS capacitors for delivering an authentically musical sound
  • Exquisite level meters visually present the dynamics and pulse of the music
  • Obsessive, meticulous switch design
  • Heavy-duty brass feet with spikes or scratch-resistant base
  • Original speaker terminals cut from pure brass with highly secure connection

What's in the box:

  • A-S3200 Integrated Stereo Amplifier
  • Remote Control
  • Battery (AAA, R03, UM-4) (×2)
  • Power Cable
  • Owners Manual